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Theft robbery

Ghanaians angry after 24 years old single mother is jailed for stealing GHC5 from neighbour

As most of us are aware, the economic situation in the country is not favourable at all, even for those we consider as “well-to do". We have seen the demonstrations of the various sectors and other organisations that are quite fed up with our current situation. So one would ask, even those who are fortunate to at least earn GHC30 a day are crying out then how much more those who are at the lowest of the national ladder and live from hand to mouth?.Unfortunately, the news there is worse off than those on the streets fighting for better living conditions as a 24 year old single mother is alleged to have been jailed for stealing GHC 5 from her neighbour to feed her hungry children. She is a mother of 3 and has been financially handicapped ever since she was left alone to fend for herself and her 3 children with no support whatsoever. 

Many say she is not to be blamed for the theft since desperate situations call for desperate measures and that a jail term is too harsh for her situation since she’s all alone and has no support. 

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