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We have seen worse than this: Sam George sends a message to anti-lgbtq bill protestors

Sam George’s fight against the lesbian and gay community has taken its popularity all over the country:

He has fought earnestly in his quest to silence the motives about allowing gays and lesbians to walk freely and do whatever their heart pleases.

Sam George on several platforms which interviewed him had the best of him. He answered questions like a pro and commanded a lot of power.

Sam George responding to demonstrations and allegations against him from all over social media and other platforms say they should continue these things because it’s normal.

He was however sure and very certain about the fact that he will never change his mind on the decision he has made.

The protestors are saying the bill should be relooked because some of the charges in it need more bending.

When the bill was passed, people had issues about the fact that it will be able to criminalize people who have knowledge about lgbtq members and hid it from the state.

They were also concerned about the fact that the people involved in this act are treated like they have no rights to the things they desire.

But Sam George is not ready to let his guard down. They can say all that they want to say because we have seen worse than this, Sam George said.

Sam George made his stands known that he will not change his mind on his dedication to the bill.

He further threw his usual questions to the lgbtq community on what they themselves think about the practice and what their thoughts on this is.

He was all about his dedication and reference from the holy Bible and what the Bible says about this practice and also about procreation.

Sam George has dedicated himself to making sure that this bill stays strong and it seems there is nothing to prevent him from going on with this decision.

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