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Why It Is Important For Journalists Who Cover Protests To Always Wear Protective Clothing (Opinion).

Around the world, Journalists are being killed. They are shot and killed in cross-fire either by accident or deliberate by criminal elements.

I have noticed with grave concern over the period how Journalists from the various media outlets cover violent incidents, protests or demonstrations without any protective clothing and it is very alarming.

Even though, the state has the responsibility to guarantee the safety of Journalists, the media houses and the Journalists themselves bare the responsibility of ensuring they are in the right clothing when covering instances an aforementioned above.

There has recently been a lot of violent protest or demonstrations in the country with the latest being the youth demonstrations at Ejura in the Ashanti region and the scrap dealers protest at the Agbogbloshie market in Accra.

Indeed, the media is the main source of disseminating information and their roles in situations like this can never be underestimated and as usual are always present for coverage.

What I have noticed with regards to reporters in all of this is the fact that, Journalists from the various media house do not wear the requisite protective clothing. What they wear are just an over-coat or a vest with the logo of their media houses embedded on them.

No bullet proof vests, no helmets

I am not a Journalist or a security expert but in my layman’s knowledge, I think the appropriate outfit a Journalist must be in should be one that offers some degree of protection to the Journalist in line of duty. In violent protests or demonstrations where there is the tendency of an infiltration criminal elements who can resort to the use of all kinds of weapons such as, knives, sticks, stones, guns, etc, a Journalist can be attacked either deliberately or by accident and that is why it is only prudent that, protective clothings are always readily available to Journalists to ensure their safety at all times under any circumstances.

Better late than never

It is important that the regulating authorities t to air steps to enforce a directive that would guide all media house to ensure that Joirnalist wear protective clothing in every outdoor engagement especially protests, demonstrations, etc.

The habit of waiting for something unfortunate to happen before the necessary steps are taken should be discouraged with immediate effect.

All over the world, the work of a Journalist becomes increasingly dangerous by the day as there have been a lot of Journalists who ended up attacked and killed on the line of duty and that is why it very imperative that, the least thing to do to protect a Journalist is to offer him/her protective clothing.

All Journalists as a matter of urgency must ensure their safety by requesting for helmets and bulletproof vests to protect themselves when they go out to report as it is one of the assured ways of ensuring their safety on the ground.

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