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Day 2: Ghana Police Gear Up For Second Day Of Arise Ghana Demonstration (PHOTOS)

Photos of Ghana police officers on their uniforms ready for the day 2 of the Arise Ghanaians demonstration has been trending massively on the internet as to maintain order this time. The demonstration which was meant to speak against corruption and rapid hike of fuel prices in Ghana here has entered to the last stage. The demonstration was meant to last two days and today is the last day as they started yesterday.

The suppose peaceful demonstration turned into chaos and violence as the police clashed with the protesters. The two parties exchange stones and tear gas as it turned deadly which led to the arrest of 29 protesters as at now. Ghana police released a statement this morning confirming the arrests and labeling the organizers as wanted too.

Photos of the police in full jack up has hit the internet as they look ever ready to control the crowd this time around to avoid any harm or chaos. Many Ghanaians has asked the police to be professional and help avoid any serious injuries. Now let’s check out the photos;

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