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“The Country is Hard Ankasa:” You Can’t Even Buy Quality Trousers. Ghanaians Share Their Comments.

Yesterday was the day #Fixthecountry protesters had the opportunity to register their displeasure against many disorders in the country. The demonstration was peaceful and had people of all ages and genders joining them. Indeed, Ghanaians had a strong belief in the incumbent Nana Addo government, thus, they want him to live up to his words. In the Eastern Region, one Koforidua taxi driver by the name of Osei told me if Nana Addo fails to fix the country, then no one else can. And he enumerated the qualities and advantages the President have to fuel his drive to make Ghana better.

Well, as the protest was going on, a lead protestor, Okatakyie Afrifa had his trouser torn. Apparently, he was sitting on the shoulders of men so that might perhaps get his low-class trouser torn. Posting on Facebook, he wrote that: Under Akuffo Addo leadership, I can’t even buy better trousers, 3den oo. The country is hard ankasa. #FixTheCountry #AlutaContinua #GhanaFirst #YouthPresident.

In a nutshell, the challenges in the economy make it difficult for him to get better trousers. Because a man of such reputation who commands such respect and crowd should have something better to boast about because of a weak economy, he is left with nothing but inferior clothes. However, some Ghanaians also expressed some degree of empathy for him whilst others reprimanded him verbally for being reckless in what he purchases. One Facebook user said: That’s what ur usual skintight jeans will do to you… just size up for once. The country hasn’t done anything to your trousers. Be glad and thank God ur balls didn’t roll out anka en3 egyise wu dwane fri Facebook🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Whatever be the case, it was a successful protest and we pray it yields something bright. We don’t wish for a utopia state, of course, that’s just a theory and it’s not possible anywhere. But we want an effective system where every Ghanaian will have a chance if only s/he meets the standard.

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