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"You are very disrespectful, I will report you to General Legal Council" - Maurice Ampaw tells Alifo

Lawyer Maurice Ampaw has descended on another lawyer for his comments on the response Maurice Ampaw gave to Xavier Sossu for attacking some judges in the country. Lawyer Sossu had described the as "political judges" and subsequently being dealt with by the General Legal Council. Lawyer Maurice Ampaw has condemned such utterances by Sossu, asking him to "shut up" because that can put the judicial system into a disrepute.

To the surprise of Maurice Ampaw, a colleague lawyer has thrown his support behind Xavier Sossu in a statement and asked Maurice Ampaw to shut up. That did not go down well with the human rights lawyer who sent a word of caution to Eric Alifo to be mindful of what he says because he has disrespected the legal profession by that statement. "You are very disrespectful, I will petition the Legal Council against you. Someone has made such detrimental comments against our judges and instead of condemning him, you are rather supporting him, telling me to shut up because I told him to shut up. Now that he has apologized, what do say again?. In fact you will have to face the Legal just like Sossu for such a disrespectful behavior", lawyer Maurice Ampaw stated on Sunday night 27th February 2022 on "Mmra ne abrabo mu nsem" show held on Wontumi TV.

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