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LGBTQI Fight: The Copy-And-Paste Is Too Much

Whether it is the effect of colonialism or not, Ghanaians lack self-esteem. They do not believe they can do things on their own. In logic scenario, societies can pick good models from other groups, analyze how it fits into their scheme, and remodel to get the best out of it. This is the term called Assimilation. Over several years, it is clear Ghana is not a fan of this school.

There have been several good policies that the country has adopted, but still haven’t yielded half the benefits as compared to their parent countries. We copy blindly into our system and the result is a setback instead of the expected progress. The question we all ask is “aren't educated people here?” Most of us have developed foreign tastes to an extreme extent that, we want to replicate everything of theirs here.

It is time we understand the meaning of independence, know what is good for us or not, stop imitating wholly what “Superiors” do, and find ways to drive our country forward. If our reason for not constitutionally condemning the LGBT+ is the fear of losing foreign aids, that should tell us a whole lot about ourselves.

The Blackman should not think the Whites are always right.

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