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Equality and Equity, We expect to hear from you - Johnny Hughes Goes wild on the Gender Minister

When girls are growing up, we nurture them on how to become a woman but who teaches the boy child how to grow up to be a man, gender issues is centered on girls. Any issue with the girl child, the Ministry of gender and other social workers will come out to provide support.

Johnny Hughes Laments on how 19 boys in one school were sodomised by their teacher, and the gender minister seems to be quite on this development, Johnny Hughes queried the gender minister, what if it happened to girls? In the Senior High Schools, there's a teacher who is responsible to handle the girl child, coordinator for girl child education. We have these Coordinators at the school level, district level, regional and National. Who is responsible for the boys.

A female teacher is assigned to the girls in the school as their coordinator, the girls discuss all their problems with their coordinator, boys have nobody to share their problems with. 

The teacher who sodomised the 19 boys in one Senior High School, happens to be a community pastor, scripture union leader for the school and a community preacher. Who will believe the boys if any of them had come out to revealed what the teacher have been doing to them? This teacher always prefer boys to assist him with household chores, in the name of students helping him with household chores, he talk advantage of them and threaten to kill them if they voice out. 

Johnny Hughes and his co-host on the New day morning show program on TV3, expressed their dissatisfactions on why the Gender Ministry is quit on this development. The gender ministry and other social protection agencies would have been quik to release statements if it happened to girls. There are Non Governmental Organizations (NGOs) creating awareness for gender equality in our schools and societies, their activities are mainly centered on girls in schools and women in the societies, boys and men are also suffering from inequity and they need someone to listen to them. 

The Ministry of Gender is mandated to coordinate and ensure gender equality and equity, is the Minister of gender aware of the mandate of her ministry, she has been quite for long, we expect her to speak on this issue and provide psychological support to these boys sodomised by their teacher. There are similar issues going on in our Senior High Schools, the boys should be given same treatment as the girls in the Senior High Schools.

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