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Legal Profession Not A Gold Mine – Chief Justice Cautions New Lawyers

Chief Justice Kwasi Anin Yeboah has cautioned new lawyers to not see their venture as one characterized by monetary gains. The Chief Justice made this statement addressing the new recruited lawyers set to help build the nation forward and ensure just. He made mention of where practitioners will use their advantage at the expense of the rules.

“I wish to remind you from the outset that the distinguished profession you are joining is a demanding one which requires a firm commitment to excellence underpinned by an unbending at the Bar zeal for hard work”. “Your success cannot be perceived in purely monetary and material terms only and I say this with great emphasis because the legal profession is not a gold mine,” the Chief Justice noted.

He went on to encourage them on working hard and being truthful will eventually reward them in a way. “hasten slowly and learn, bearing in mind that those who work well while abiding by the ethics of the profession reap rewards of a good harvest.” These are the people to fight for our freedom and justice in case we face an injustice case.

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Kwasi Anin Yeboah


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