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How Fair Would Kissi Agyebeng Be To Charles Bissue As Anas’ Lawyer? - PK Sarpong

Popular writer for the ruling NPP P.K Sarpong has quizzed how fair the Special Prosecutor, Kissi Agyebeng will be to Charles Bissue as he previously acted as Anas' Lawyer.

In a post shared on his official Facebook page on Monday, 10th October 2022, he wrote that there is no denying the fact that galamsey has become an albatross on our necks and dealing with same has become a herculean task. 

To this end, it has become increasingly important for all hands to be on deck as we wage this war against those who are hellbent to destroy our water bodies and forest cover. 

The Office of the Special Prosecutor has waded into this fight, focusing on investigating and prosecuting all those whose actions and inactions have led to the destruction of our lands.

P.K Sarpong added that it is a commendable move by the Kissi Agyebeng-led team.Though a step in the right direction, he find an aspect of this decision to be problematic. 

"Kissi Agyebeng was the legal representative for Anas Aremeyaw Anas in his documentary which had Charles Bissue in it. Kissi Agyebeng may no longer be the lawyer for Anas and his Tiger Pi outfit because of his new role, but for the fact that he had interest in the case at the time makes him the wrong person to investigate Charles Bissue if there is the need to even do so in the first place." PK Sarpong lamented.

The Office of the Special Prosecutor is not the only body with investigative and prosecutorial powers to deal with the Charles Bissue issue. Agyebeng is prejudiced against Charles Bissue. Neither he nor his office would be fair to Bissue as a result of his relationship with Anas.

I find Agyebeng’s intention to subject Charles Bissue to any form of scrutiny to be unethical and he comes across as having a jaundiced view of Charles Bissue. He remarked.

He further asserted that the OSP is not the only body that can investigate such a matter. There are other bodies that can do that if there is the need to do that again, not Kissi Agyebeng’s office. 

"Kissi Agyebeng’s move to subject Charles Bissue to fresh investigations is akin to a lawyer against Bissue turning to be a judge later in the same case. He should drop that of Bissue lest he is seen to be on a vendetta of a sort." He ended.

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