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Anyone Caught Doing Gay or Lesbianism Should Be Killed - Kwaku Bonsam Angrily Speaks

Controversies still continues, Government still uncertain on whether to legalize LGBTQ act in Ghana or not. Many people have overtime aired their thoughtful views in responds to this issue and almost the majority are speaking against this. According to some people, government should make a first see at our culture and religion and take that into consideration before any decision is taking to legalize this acts. Aside reactions from the natives, other dignitaries have stood massively to fight against the legalization of this act which included the leaders of the Penticostal Church Ghana. They were recently in the news following their bold decision taken to storm the parliament house. Their actions were geared towards the fight against LGBTQ should Incase the government is going to legalize the homosexuals. Some people on the other hand are in support of the legalization of the LGBTQ and per their reasons, they are going for what the Constitution says about human rights. According to them, should incase the government criminalize this LGBTQ act, it totally becomes a human right abuse since the law doesn't allow that. Some Parliamentarians who also reacted to this mentioned that, Ghana is going to be hit with economic crisis to the peak if the anti LBGTQ bill is been passed.

Government considering all these thoughtful opinions and reasons from the mass in order to be fair and based on intelligence has called for a parliamentary voting on whether to legalize this act or criminalize it.

One of Ghana's controversial Chief priest, Kwaku Bonsam has finally come out with his say about the act speaking in a granted interview on Okay FM. According to him, anyone caught practising this acts should be stabbed or sentenced to death with no distinctions. According to him, God himself in his word speaks against such acts so why should we a country built and raised religiously allow people practice this acts and infact legalize this and aside Christianity speaking against the Bible, our Islamic and Traditional religion also speaks to discourage such acts. He then supported his statement with a Bible quotation, Leviticus 20:13 which says "If a man has sexual relations with a man as one does with a woman, both of them have done what is detestable. They are to be put to death; their blood will be on their own heads.

Further in his statement, he made it clear that, no one is to be blamed for this than our constitution and that, there is the need for constitutional amendment. According to him, the Constitution has given a lot freedom and rights to the people and on that, everyone just capitalize on that to indulge in things that will make him/her okay which shouldn't be considered. And in that same way as this LGBTQ, people are with the reason that, it their right and infact have the right to do such misleading acts. People were surprised after all that he said thinking he was going to speak to encourage the act but he was rather on a different page.

The video below tells the whole story:


My question is, do you also support his point that all lesbians and gays should be killed? Let me.hwar you in the comment section

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