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Ejura Committee Report: Kaaka’s spirit still crying for justice?

The family of the slain #FixtheCountry and social media activist has rejected the findings of the Justice Koomson committee assigned by the Minister of Interior, on behalf of the President to look into circumstances that resulted in the death of Mohammed Kaaka.

According to the family, the committee’s report is riddled with factual inaccuracies. Mohammed Kaaka was killed in the wee hours of Monday, June 28th, 2021 by some disguised assailants, when he was returning home from a regular meeting he often attends in his vicinity.

For those who believe in mysticism, the growing uproar that has so far greeted the report means, perhaps if Kaaka were to be alive, he would also have expressed similar misgivings about the final report.

The major argument put across to support this claim is the way and manner Kaaka’s family and their lawyers have rubbished the committee’s report for side-stepping the real issues involved in the case.

And so if the affected party is in such somber mood, what would have been the reaction or how would the victim himself behave towards the Justice Koomson report?

It’s believed in a matter as sensitive as the lost, of human life, the Kaaka family wouldn’t like to adopt any partisan posture on the matter; but demand justice by exhausting all facets given in respect of the case.

So in that dire state of sadness, some members of the Kakaa family believe their melancholic state is synonymous with what the spirit of their family member is also experiencing in the under-world. That’s a belief that non can begrudge them.

And they expressed such in their dirges as they received the Justice Koomson’s committee recommendations. They believe as they sob; so is the spirit of Kaakaalso sobbing; as they wail about the report; same is the spirit of Kaaka also wailing and similar to their pain, so is Kaaka also being pained by the report findings.  

On the other-side of the tip is the manner Justice Koomson’s committee is being hailed by the comity of intellectuals. Some of the members of the family who spoke to the media are equally shocked at the intellectual twist to the real facts of the murder case.   

Some are thus suggesting that the flowery commentary on the report by the Elites community is a means of backing their own— Prof. Vladmir Antwi Danso whose involvement in the committee work had been met with scorn and outright rejection by a section of Ghanaians.

For instance, a Security Expert, Adam Bonaa, rated the Ejura Committee Report as distinctive. Although, he claimed he initially was skeptical during the committee sittings, and therefore thought the “findings and expectations were highly expected”.

Speaking to a section of the media on the subject, Adam Bonaa noted, “I will say good job done. Initially, I personally was a bit skeptical about the work they were doing because of some of their pronouncements and their gestures.”

He continued… “But after receiving the report I thought it was good enough even though we cannot get a report which is full proof and that we have accepted everything. If you ask me to give them a rating, I would rate them 8 out of 10, which I think is an A+.”

He also believes “the report has exonerated the youth whom the soldiers alleged had guns and cutlasses and shot into the crowd”. In his perspective, the Director, Faculty of Academic Affairs & Research of the Kofi Anann Peacekeeping Centre, Professor Kwesi Aning described the final report “as satisfactory and full of durable set of recommendations”.

He however, noted there was a little blemish on aspect of the report’s finding on the cause of the death of the social media activist, Ibrahim Anyass Mohammed, also known as Macho Kaaka.

The security expert also said this to the media “probably this particular finding—the cause of the death of the victim is one of the disturbing in an otherwise satisfactory report and very durable set of recommendations”.

He therefore alluded “I don’t know the evidence that was adduced for them to arrive at this conclusion.” In July this year, the Justice George Kingsley Koomson’s committee was inaugurated by the Minister for the Interior, Ambrose Dery.

It was given a term of reference or mandate to investigate into circumstances that led to the killing of Ibrahim Anyass Mohammed, aka Kaaka, a social media activist and a lead campaigner in the #FixtheCountry movement at Ejura in the Ashanti Region.

The committee also had the power to investigate into the killing of two other persons, aside Kaaka, and other four who were shot at by armed soldiers during a protest march against the killing of Ibrahim Anyaa Muhammed.

The government white paper on the report recommended among other, the removal of the Municipal Chief Executive (MCE) for Ejura Sekyedumase, and a compensation for the affected families and victims.

But almost every member of the opposition NDC who has spoken on the findings had expressed contrary view to that of the intellectual class. The MP for Tamale Central, Ibrahim Murtala Mohammed described Justice Koomson’s work as “poor and sub-standard”.

The 55-page document, in its concluding remark, noted that “the riots that occurred in the town, fueled after the death of Mohammed Ibrahim (Kaaka), were instigated by the presence of the police”.

The report however dismissed suggestions that Kaaka’s death was linked to activism, and rather suggested that “there was a more likelihood that a family feud could be the cause of his death”.

“We, accordingly, find that the death of ‘Kaaka’ was not directly linked to his social media activism. It is more probably a family feud. This is also supported by the testimony of Aminu Mohammed, a resident of Ejura and a friend of the late Kaaka,” the report noted.

The Tamale Central MP, however, said that in relation to its terms of reference, the committee failed to live up to expectations. “I see it to be a very shambolic work done by the committee and I say this because the conclusions of the committee on many of the issues are completely funny, and I say it without any mincing words…

Why would the committee that was set up to do fact-finding come and be giving us probable answers instead of certainty answers?”, the Tamale Central MP declared.

“If you have a committee that sat on a matter such as this and the committee findings and conclusions are that the gentleman’s killing had nothing to do with social media activism but probably a family feud without establishing whether there was a known or an existing family feud, then it is a poor job done,” he further alluded.

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