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Ghanaians React To A Woman Who Delivered And Threw Her Baby Alive Into A Bush

This photo Popped up on social media and Ghanaian were worried about what the woman did.

According to the reactions, Ghanaians have expressed deep sorrow and bitterness while rebuking the action by the woman. She lacks respect for human. Ghanaians have reign curses on the woman for carrying out such a shameful act. After the post was popped up on social media, Many Ghanaians where bringing up questions in the comments section about how this wicked woman could sacrifice the live of the baby.

Many people angrily reacted to the sad post circulating on social media. Many people where saying the woman was too wicked to do such a thing. Even some women go for prayers everyday just for a child, and someone had hers a threw it away. This is so sad. Pastors advised people in the comment section to never try this act.

Here are some of the comments people wrote.

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