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Are You A Lawyer? : Netizens React As Paul Adom Otchere Unravels His Latest Editorial

Paul Adom Otchere is a Ghanaian broadcast journalist and the host of Good Evening Ghana. He served as a board member of the National Communications Authority before he was appointed as chairperson of the board of Ghana Airports Company Limited.

On Tuesday 2nd August 2022, Paul Adom made an editorial on various topical issues affecting the country. Paul tackled some allegations made about him by the MP Murtala Mohammed Ibrahim, new potential black star players, and the recent criticisms faced by the Ghana Law School Exam.

Readers can recall how the Independent Examination Committe of the Ghana Law School has come under massive criticism for some policies on the entry of students. On Paul Adom's social media platform, Paul revealed how he was ready to look at whether the Independent Examination Committee of the Ghana Law School had done any wrong.

Many Ghanaians have reacted to Paul Adom's latest editorial as some sections seem to disagree with his motive. Whilst some Ghanaians asked if Paul Adom Otchere had the legal education and qualification to look into such matters concerning law education in Ghana, others simply asked him to be quiet because he is not a lawyer. It is surprising that many Ghanaians took to their social media handles to ask if Paul Adom Otchere has qualified himself to be a lawyer.

Some Ghanaians also asked Paul Adom Otchere not to look at the criticisms facing the examination committee but to redirect his energy toward the challenges faced by the SIM card registration.

Does his current education in LLB, Bachelor of Arts in Politics and Classics, and Masters of Science in Development Economics prevent him from contributing his knowledge on issues of national interest? Many Ghanaians have also indicated that Paul will be biased during his editorial and reminded him that he did not qualify to be a lawyer after he was sponsored by various great men. Are these Ghanaians fair to Paul? Does it really matter if Paul Adom Otchere is a lawyer or not? Would he require to be a member of the Bar to tackle his latest editorial?

What are your thoughts on the ongoing discussion?

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