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What USA Judge O’Grady Actually Told Ken Agyapong Before Dismissing His Case Against Kevin Taylor.

The trending News this morning indicates that A USA based court has dismissed Kennedy Agyapong's defamatory case against Kevin Taylor. The Presiding Judge was Judge Hon. Liam O’Grady. What did he actually tell Kennedy Agyapong through his lawyers before Dismissing His claims? Let's find out.

In the first place, Judge Hon.Liam O’Grady told Kennedy Agyapong that, he doubt the intensity at which he (Kennedy Agyapong) claims that he has been affected by the actions of Kevin Taylor. That means Kennedy Agyapong and his lawyers couldn't show any evidence to the effect that the actions of Kevin Taylor actually affected him physically and psychologically and his reputation.

Secondly, the Judge told him that, although the case has been dismissed, Kennedy Agyapong can still come back to the court within 60 days to appeal. He (Judge Hon.Liam O’Grady ) and his colleagues are ready to listen to him in a review.


Upon what Judge Hon.Liam O’Grady told Kennedy Agyapong, its very clear that the woes of Kevin Taylor isn't over. This is because, if Kennedy Agyapong decide to appeal the verdict with the prior requested evidence, he may win. If that happens, 9.5 million shall be paid by Kevin Taylor to Kennedy Agyapong.

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