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Stand Out From Your Peers- Know The Full Meaning of "E.g."

There are certain abbreviations we have been using since no one knows when but till today have got no idea what their full meaning is. We tend to use them in our speech as well as in our writings but surprisingly, we just use them and then tend to ignore the very obvious fact that we know not what they mean. A very good example is the abbreviation "E.g.", even your little brother at home is very conversant with it_ an abbreviation which pops up anytime you want to cite something in particular. A very useful piece of diction indeed. Well, the thing is we know the translation of this abbreviation and that is what has somewhat prevented us from realising it's full meaning. The abbreviation happens to be the short form of two Latin words " exempli" and " gratia". Exempli gratia which translates as "for example" is what you used to write in your notebooks growing up as a little scholar. For some the mere glimpse of a small "e" and a "g" separated with a full stop is enough to take them on a trip down memory lane. Actually I am one of them, are you?

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