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Genius Reason You Should Pour White Vinegar Inside Your Toilet Tank

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Are you tired of using harsh, toxic chemicals when you clean? Do you have to be careful when you clean the bathroom with bleach?

It is problematic because it could also permanently bleach your clothes or rugs. Not only that, but you also run the risk of becoming asphyxiated (suffocated).

What if I told you that you could cut down on the number of times you had to clean that nasty toilet?

And, what if I told you that you could still get the bowl sparkling clean and free from bacteria? You don't have to worry about bleach spots or asphyxiation(suffocation).

It is possible with only one household product that, is been used in cleaning for centuries which is VINEGAR.

Using white vinegar once for a thorough cleaning and following up with consistent use of the same product in the tank, could significantly cut down on the time you spend cleaning.

It would also eliminate some of the worries you might have with using bleach and other harsh industrial chemicals.

And, yes, it does kill bacteria. Studies have proven that the acid in vinegar kills bacteria, by breaking down the outer membrane and releasing protons that cause the cellís death. White vinegar is safe for the environment too.

All you need is one liter of white vinegar, an empty spray bottle, and a few other common cleaning items.

To get started, pour half of the liter of white vinegar into the toilet tank. Next, fill up the empty spray bottle with some vinegar.

Start the cleaning process by cleaning the outside of the toilet with the vinegar in the spray bottle. Next, take some toilet paper and wet it with vinegar.

Wad the toilet paper into small balls and place them under the rim of the toilet. Leave them there for a few minutes. Now, pour some of the vinegar into the bowl and scrub it with a toilet brush.

Scrub the underside of the rim with the toilet brush. Make sure that you scrub the places where you placed wadded-up balls of toilet paper.

Finally, flush the toilet. The initial cleaning is done. If you add vinegar to the tank every few days, it will keep it cleaner longer.

Try it out, and take the bleach out of your bathroom without sacrificing any cleanliness.

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