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Why is silence so powerful

Nobody can read you this way.That is what makes you dangerous. No one knows what you’ve planned or are thinking making you incredibly unpredictable.Being quiet also helps you listen better and absorb more information while you think of a better way to use it instead of running your mouth all the time.

He is the perfect example.

Tywin mostly listens while others speak giving him an aura that speaks I’m superior to you as people are wondering what he’s going to say or do.

They also don’t know what he’s planned.

This is what makes him so bad ass.

Joffrey on the other hand screams out loud I am the King.

This scene alone shows you who’s powerful.

Tywin doesn’t need to say anything to show whose powerful.He already knows he is.While Joffrey running his mouth looks like a total idiot.

Good day.

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