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The Odwira Festival And What The Twins Do On The Occasion

Annually, the people of Akropong-Akuapem celebrate the Odwira festival. During the Katamamsu battle in 1826, they defeated the Ashanti army hence, the festival is a celebration of the feat.

It is usually celebrated from September to October. The festival is celebrated in 6 days, each of which has an activity that is performed. It is important to note that some weeks before the celebrations, eating yams are banned. This is because the festival is also a time to celebrate the growth of new yams.

Some of the activities performed include drumming and dancing. Experienced drummers meet to show off their skills on the drums. There is also a day where all twins in the community together with their parents dress in white. That day is referred to as Abam Day.

During the celebration, other chiefs and high ranking people in the society come to pay homage to the king who is colourfully dressed.

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