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Photos Of The Day: Five Photos That Is Going To Confuse You

You'll occasionally come across something that makes you wonder if your eyes are playing tricks on you. Even after a few more glances, your mind is baffled as to how what you're witnessing could possibly be true! Over four images of real-life occurrences have been selected to make you feel this way. Prepare yourself because what your eyes perceive and what your mind thinks will be very different.

Elastic Arms

If you don't take your hand off my shoulder, I'll call security!

A man extends his arm all the way to the girl's shoulder in this photograph. This has to be the guy we were warned about, the one who enjoys frightening people by reaching out with his arm and feeling a hand on their shoulder. Maybe this is what they meant when they said the law has a long arm, one that can stretch like an elastic band.

Little Bigfoot's Mysteries

That new baby food is effective; it encourages newborns to develop broader feet, which helps them stay firmly planted. This photograph highlights how light and perspective may alter our perception of this baby's big feet. You don't realize it's adult feet at first; everything seems normal until you look closer. You can see now why it deceived you and me.

The First Man to Set Foot on the Moon

 Some people land on the moon using a parachute, demonstrating that you don't need a spaceship to do so. The moon is perfectly in the background in this shot of a parachute jumper gliding in, giving the appearance that the jumper is ready to land on the moon. What a wonderful illusion!

Floating in a pool of water

Everyone, have a look at me! I'm in the air! This small child appears to resist nature's powers by sitting on the surface without a flotation device. This brilliantly timed shot of the girl plunging into the pool made it appear as if she was sitting on top of the water while everyone else was swimming.

King Kong Has Returned

King Kong has reappeared, so turn around. This colossal baboon is perfectly positioned to crush the automobile in front of it, which appears to be struggling to dodge it in vain. The big arm resting on the car's roof and the red brake lights combine to emphasize the occupants' possible peril, while the baboons in the background add to the sense of the baboon's enormous size.

A baboon at a safari park hops onto the car's bonnet in search of a titbit, and the incredible sight was recorded through the windscreen.

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