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Know This Tropical Plant 'Bhumi Amla', And Its Benefits

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Today is a blessing day that the Lord has made again and I'm going to teach you one of the wonderful plants or Herbs that you can use from today, that can be used to treat some diseases.I will be glad if you can get a book and a pen to write this plant name down . So that you will never forget it and start to make good use of this herb or plant.

The name of the plant which I am going to teach you today is called 'Bhumi Amla' and we will go straight to know what 'Bhumi Amla Herb' is and its importance to the body system when we use them . 

Bhumi Amla is a tropical plant that mainly grows in coastal areas. Bhumi amla is like Amla in appearance; this herb grows only 50 cm in height. Bhumi Amla is commonly known as chanca piedra, bahupatra, and stonebreaker. Bhumi amla has a bark that is smooth and light green

This beautiful plant 'Bhumi Amla' can also be found in Ghana and other parts of Africa.

Now let's go to the benefits of this Bhumi Plant when you start to use them, or the importance of using these Natural herbs.

Benefits of Bael plants when you start to use them and you will know why it is good for your body when you use it are;

  •  It is used for treatment of cancer because it contains anticancer properties.

  • The herb of this plant is very effective for anemic patient.

  • It also boosts the immune system and helps the body to fight against diseases.

  • It also contains some natural compounds that make the skin brighter and fight against skin infections too when you use it.


  • It also use for the treatment of bleeding disorders like heavy periods and nasal bleeding etc.

  • It is very effective herb in toxic conditions..

  • It improves taste and beneficial in anorexia condition.

  • The plant is used for the treatment of Abdominal pains.

  • It also use for the treatment of Asthma and chronic respiratory disorders patients.

  •  It fruits has antibacterial and antiparasitic properties that helps reduce diarrhea and cholera

  • It is used for the treatment of cough and Cold problem.

  • It helps to get relieve from hiccups.

  • It also serves as an anti-inflammatory agent in the body that helps to fight against inflammatory conditions.

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