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Skin Care

Best Natural Soap to clear bad luck, promise and fail and stagnation in life

Hi lovely people hope everyone is doing well am back with another article which talks about bad luck and promise and fail


1. Tomatoes leafs 

2. Black soap ( alata semina)

3. Local sponge (3 one for each day)

4. White container


Grind the tomatoes leaf into fine paste and mix it with black soap and put it in the white container .. 

It shouldn't be plenty coz you are to prepare the one you can bath for three days only .. its should not be more than three days so don't do plenty mixture.. 

How to use :

This soap is for only three(3) days 

First night 11pm take 1 local sponge and bath with the soap ,after the bath hide the sponge so that no one can touch it ..

Immediately after the bath wash the bathroom with salt water before before someone enters !! 

Repeat it for three days.. on the 4th day take all the 3 used sponge and burn or burry it.

You can repeat 3 days in every month.

You can do for your kids and wife or husband.. but everyone must have different container.. and if your kid can't dispose the sponge after used , do it for him or her but you must wear gloves before touching the used sponge by the kids.

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