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Do this to get rid of Haters and receive general love (Read)

 Hi lovely people hope everyone is doing well am back with another article which talks about haters and love

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Items : 

Miss paris perfume 

Dry coconut ( 3 ) 

White candle ( 7) 

Local sponge 1

White soap ( any)

Psalm 123 and 68

White container 


Exactly 12:00 am ( night) crake the 3 coconut and put the water inside the white container, add the miss Paris perfume , now light all the 7 candles around the container ..

Now open your mouth and pray on the mixture Pray to banish any haters in your life , pray that , wherever you step may you attract maximum love , in fact say your intention because you only know how you feel and how people hate you for no reason.

After you are done with your intention .. now bless the mixture with psalm 123, and psalm 68 .. after you are done reading , don't off the candle , allow it to burn down on it own. 

How to use:  

That very night you did the mixture, when you wake up early in the morning put some of the mixture into your bathing water and bath with local sponge and any white soap

Don't wipe yourself and don't wear slippers during the bath. 

Repeat for 3 days. 




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