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'Been' and Being are some tokes used interchangeably, this is when to use any

English is a language which most people love to speak. But as we speak, we normally make errors which we normally are not aware of. In today's article, let is find out two English words which we sometimes use it interchangeably especially when we are writing them.


This word must be used when the sentence is in its past participle form. Words like have, had and has normally must follow with the word 'been'. Example, Kofi has been eating waakye in school. And not Kofi has being eating waakye in school.


This is used when we are saying something in its present state. Is and are normally come before being. Example: Rexbank is the fastest typist after being awarded by his school. Not Rexbank is the fastest typist after been awarded by his school.

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