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The Real Reason Behind Wearing Of Anklets

Stop Wearing Anklets And Leg Jewelry Now- See What It Means To Wear Them

Many women are beginning to embrace the liberal life. Somehow they have come to believe that since it is a free world and that the United Nations has recognized our individual rights as human beings with the right to life, the right to freedom of expression and expression, everyone should be able to do what you want. .

While this is true, we must remember that, in the performance of our duties and the exercise of our personal freedom, it is important to assess the possible reaction of people to our exercise of freedom.

For the ladies, this piece is for you. I know you like jewelry and you probably want the idea of wearing anklets (or what people call a leg chain); But if I were you, I would stop you for the story and the message it conveys.

In that case, the quickest way to identify a prostitute or promiscuous person at the time was to look at her legs to see if they had the publicly accepted symbol of her trade.

Civilization has arrived and now the whole world is enlightened; but that tradition remains in some parts of the world. So when you wear a leg chain or an anklet, whatever you call it, you are actually conveying a message about your sexuality, that you are available for promiscuous interactions.

Initially, in Rome, anklets were worn by prostitutes to signal men they were open for business

If so, I congratulate you. On the other hand, if that is not what you want to convey, I highly recommend that you reconsider your exercise of personal freedom, to ensure that you are not saying what is not about you.

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