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GHANA's STRONGEST: Shaka Zulu Top Today, 2 Others Evicted

Ghana Strongest competition was Live at Holy Trinity Spa in Sogakope. Today's events was very tough as the 8 Athletes went through 4 stages of Events. Though they all did very well to impress the Judges and their fans. 

Here are the 4 events of today's competitions:

First Event, Lua Lua.  Walking with a crossed bar on your solder with each ends Loaded.

Second event, Was Overhead Block Press. 

There are 4 different blocks ranging from 80kg,100kg, 115kg and 130kg in a given intervals. Lift and raise it over your head one after the other.

At end of second round:

Shaka Zulu had 1st, Chilling 2nd and Mayweather 3rd. 

Third event. The Ghana stone 130kg. Take Ghana Stone and walk around the arianna as fast as you can. At the end of the third round, Chilling had 1st, Shaka Zulu 2nd and Ahmed Boakye 3rd

Forth event. The last Man standing. 

Lifting 80kg Ghacem round stone over the bar, repeat it as many times as you can within 60 seconds (1minute) 

Dakora was able to repeat it 10.

Shaka Zulu also repeat it 9.

At end of today's episode on Ghana Strongest, Shaka zulu emerged the winner, while Prosper Dakora had second. 

There was another 2 eviction today (Power and Boogie Down). So now we have 6 Athletes battling for the Title as the competition continues Coming Sunday. 

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Ghana Holy Trinity Spa Lua Lua. Overhead Block Press. Sogakope


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