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Sowing A Good Seed Of Character

Character is the inherent complex of attributes that determines a person's moral and ethical actions and reactions. From the definition above, we can clearly state that character can be exhibited in one way or the other. A topical issue that great writers, counselors and individuals tried to get their way around it. Others have divergent views when it has to do with character. It is the uniqueness of an individual from others. Most character traits are imbibed during the early formative stage of life. Today we want to focus on sowing a good seed of character. 

In every new environment, you meet different kinds of people from all walks of life. How do we learn to live with people who have different upbringing from ours? It is all about finding neutral ground between you and people where there will be an understanding of one another. Know it that character can be nurtured just as a seed when sown can be nurtured at the seedling stage. The results you wish to see tomorrow can be worked on today. Train yourself to know that it is not always about you but others around you. The actions you portray speaks volume about who you are, or it is the kind of impression others have about you.

Working on your character can be very frustrating especially when you have not paid attention to it from the beginning. It becomes a part of your life. I have heard so many people say, that is who I am I can't change. You should be ready to adapt and accommodate where the need be. Remember your reputation matters too. People must find you welcoming at all times. Be ready to learn new things and don't be full of yourself. A good name they say is better than riches. Getting the right information to start with matters. Always remember, you are what you see, hear eat and watch. You demonstrate the character of what you like doing most, therefore watch what you feed your system with. Negative and positive information have long lasting effect on the mind. As we take the bold step to sow good seeds of character we remember that, the journey would not be easy, but it is a fireproof of what we will be made of after the process.

Do you desire that admirable and accommodative nature, then begin to do the needful today. Commitment and consistency must be key. You must make conscious effort to sow, nurture and grow a good character to a desired admiration. Seek counseling where the need be. Do self assessment at all times especially during bed time, reflect on the entire days action and make corrections as possible. Pray for God's intervention too.

Inspired? Then take the steps today.

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