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Don't Throw Away Your Empty Barrels. Here Are Some Cool Stuff You Can Make Out Of Them

Do you work with barrels or do you have any barrels that you want to get rid of? If you do, then I advise you not to as I'm about to show you the different cool and useful things you can make out of them. It all boils down to how creative or resourceful you are and if you are someone who loves to build things with your hands. Some of these things are quite sophisticated as you will need other tools to make them functional. 

Here is a list of things you can make out of your empty barrels. They include a handwashing sink, bookshelf, storage for clothes, a grill, drawer, and seat. But if you are an innovator, you can think outside the box and come up with other cool ways to turn used barrels. This can even be a business opportunity if you consider making things from barrels and selling them. 

Here are the things you can make out of your barrel; 

1. Hand washing sink

3. Book shelf

4. Drawer

5. Seat

6. Grill

2. Kitchen cabinet

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