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5 Important Choices to Make in Life

Life is filled with crossroads, with moments where you decide who you want to become and which direction you want your life to take. All these moments are crucial in forming the person we end up being and the kind of life we end up living. The goal of this article is to put you face-to-face with some of the decisions you'll have to make before you're forced to do so. Having the wisdom to think about these topics beforehand gives you an incredibly unfair advantage in life, the kind the older generation wished they had access to back when they were starting out. Below are 5 important choices you’ll have to make in life.

1. Would You Rather Deal With Failure or the Regret of Not Trying At All?

We're all born with potential, then we get shaped by our family, our education, by religion and the values that are instilled within us. This moulds people in different ways; while some cultures encourage risk-taking, others are more conservative. The choice you'll have to make is: what are you more scared of? Failure or regret? Failure is not something to joke around with because it can bring public humiliation. It has repercussions on your livelihood and you only get to fail so many times before you're unable to play the game anymore. But beyond failure is success and you can't get to success if you're unable to face the risk of failure.

Something to ponder over; failure is temporary but regret is permanent. You can always rise after failure, learn from it and use it as a stepping-stone to get yourself closer to success. But regret is something that'll eat you from within. You’ll carry it with you until the very last day of your life. Which burden do you wish to carry?

2. Will You Live the Life You Want or the Life Your Parents Want?

It’s absurd to hear about how some people decide the fate of others, making them miserable and unhappy. Every person should choose the life they wish to live. Learn from people you respect but don't let anyone dictate your life because it's not their life to live. Why the hell does it matter what your uncle thinks your life should be like? Why does it matter what that low-wage teacher thinks which course you should pursue? Parents would gladly sacrifice happiness and fulfilment for the security of their children without realizing just how much damage they may be doing.

You’ll die. You only get to do this once so you might as well give it a shot at making it the way you want it to be. If you end up with a boring miserable life because you listen to your parents, your teacher, your pastor or some elderly person telling you how to live your life, then you deserve it.

3. Would You Rather Be Tired or Broke?

Everything you do in life will be balanced between these two options. Are you willing to learn and work for it or can you live without it? Where ‘it’ means whatever you desire in life, from a successful business to your dream body to the social group and status you aspire to be a part of, it's all a matter of effort. Nobody is going to come to your door and offer you the life of your dreams on a platter. Not one great achievement has been made without sacrifice. The bigger the sacrifice, the bigger the return.

4. Would You Rather Risk It All or Play It Safe?

Different character traits influence the attitude one has toward life; while some people are calculated and never try to expose themselves to risk, others embrace it sometimes to their own detriment. Both choose to take action, both want to end up at the same destination, which is usually happiness, personal fulfilment, and financial success. The difference between these two though is the road they take; the higher the risk the shorter the distance to the destination, but don't imagine it's going to be an easy road on the other hand. There's this beaten path, the one others have walked on before you and got to exactly the place you want to be. If you're smart about it, you'll study these people and prepare for the journey beforehand based on their experience, their struggles and difficulties. You might even find people who took the risky path and learn from them. Who you choose to emulate is up to you, depending on where you want to end up in life but the most important part of it all is starting.

5. Would You Rather Enjoy the Present or Secure the Future?

Yet another difficult choice to make. The temptation of living in the moment is so big that it's almost impossible not to give in. And there are many times in life when you should give in but you need to do it deliberately; always consider the future expense you're paying in life. You're always trading with the future, it's up to you to decide what kind of trades you want to make and what kind of ratio you want to maintain. If you only invest in the present, you'll find that the future isn't looking that bright but postpone satisfaction until you're very old and you don't get to enjoy it. But there are ways to do both and to win at this trade game, do what they are not willing to do now so you can enjoy the things they can't tomorrow.

And the most important choice to make right now is: what are you going to do after reading this article? Will it materialise in the real world or is it something you do just to pass time? On this channel, it’s all about self-improvement and none of this advice will work unless you work yourself. When you're sitting alone in your room focusing on the things you're lacking in life, know that you have the power to change them. Maybe not remove them completely from your life, but get life to be less dire than it already is.

Thanks for reading and see you in the next article.

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