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How to Keep your Wallet Full of Money

We've all heard the expression "money makes the world go round," and it's partially true. Those who place a greater emphasis on spiritual matters nonetheless have a physical body to care for and a number of bills to pay each month.

Taking care of your financial condition is a sign of responsibility, and the Universe will give as long as you send your message and live your life with a clear intention: to have as much money as makes you happy.

Your wallet is the most important component for this to happen. You'll also fast for a day and have cinnamon or basil in your wallet. If you follow the Lunar Calendar, pray on the night of the Full Moon, and the best days of the week to do so are Monday, Saturday, and Sunday. You can always do it again if necessary.

Remember to cast this exercise at night if you undertake it. Bats are incredible creatures that can hunt and see in the dark while spending the night in caverns and other gloomy areas. The little bat totem will assist your money in finding a home in your wallet, while they will find their way home regardless of the conditions. Place your wallet beneath your pillow on the night of your choice and pray intensively for 30 minutes before going to bed.

May God Almighty grant you all of your wishes and keep your financial situation stable at all times.

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