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"This One Can Swallow A Whole Village" - See The Pictures Of A Lady That's Causing Public Reactions

This girl seemed to be having fun with her friends, regardless of her size. This is how she took these photos. She was spotted in a big water fall where she was having a good time with her friends, and she decided to share the pictures online so that everyone could leave a comment for her.

Social media is a place to share thoughts, meet new people, chat, and have a good time, but sometimes you just don't know how people are going to react to certain things you post because there are things you post too that people have different views and opinions about.

While some people have commented well, some have different opinions in the photos by poking fun at her size. This is inappropriate because no matter the size, the fact that she's still God's creation still stands, and we shouldn't body shame something we cannot create by ourselves.

The lady posted the photos to Facebook hoping to get lots of likes and comments, but the reverse is the case as people rushed to her comments section to share their thoughts on the pictures she posted.

I can't see anything wrong with the pictures she shared, all that matters is the happiness of the woman, and that's it. If she's happy with herself, people's opinions shouldn't matter.

While many people use surgery to get beautiful shapes, she was not ashamed of her shape and posted her photos as they were. This is courageous, and it should encourage other chubby ladies not to be ashamed of themselves or care too much about what people say.

Is it good to body shame people because of their size? let's hear your own opinion

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