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Make Your Day An Exciting One With The Following Funny Quotes And Pictures

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According to many researches, laughter is a very good thing to soul. Laughter kills boredom and makes you more exciting for the rest of the day. This is why it is important to read the following funny quotes and pictures to have a joyful day. Below are them.

1. Side chick is a young girl between 18 and 25 years. If you are between 26 and 30 you are a side hen and above 30 you are a vulture, side vulture.

2. Church girls be like “I sent you pictures of my thighs and you still cheated on me. Am I not enough?”

3. If you notice 2021 backwards it's 1202 and if you take out the 2 and 0 you will have 21.. 

It doesn't mean anything but.. Thanks for reading

4. When I was young, I decided to go to a medical school.

At the entrance exam, we were asked to re-arrange letters'PNEIS' and form the name of an important human body part which is most useful when erect.Those who answered spine are doctors today, while rest are on facebook.

5. Last week I went to a Local church for Prayers. While We Were Still In The Prayer Session . & Suddenly The Pastor Touched My Shoulder & Said ' You Will Walk '.. I didn't Understand Bcz I had No Disability . But When I got out Of Church I Realised My Transport Money Was Stolen. So I had To Walk

6. IPhone is for grade 3 students in London but in Africa, is a long term total achievement

7. Husband: last night, I dreamed a very beautiful and attractive lady.

Wife; was she alone?!

Husband: how did you find out?

Wife; because her husband had come in my dream.

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