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Mallams Who Engage Themselves In Juju Money Through Human Sacrifice Are Accursed Forever-Malam Zack.

A Kumasi-based renowned spiritualist and herbalist Mallam Zack has disclosed that any Mallam who tend to assist people to become rich overnight through human sacrifice or any form of activities that have the tendency to draw human blood is accursed forever, and has no chance to enter into the Heaven gate.

Speaking to this correspondent in an interview this morning in response to ritual killings which the society links to the creation of quick money, Mallam Zack outrightly spoke against the attitude describing it as evil.

He noted that any true Mallam who affiliates with the Muslim religion cannot accept people to become rich through human sacrifice since the religion speaks against unlawful wealth creation.

According to Mallam Zack, who doubles as the Managing Director of Mallam Zack Herbal & Spiritual Center headquartered at Hwediem in the Ashanti Region with branch offices across the country indicated that in God's wisdom, wealth creation is not a process to kill or draw innocent blood, rather it is through ones own toil and hardwork.

The Mallam conceded the fact that though one can succeed in his wish to gain excessive wealth through human sacrifice, the practice is evil and abominable before Allah, stressing that both parties in the acts stand the risk to be punished after death.

Mallam Zack expressed worry that at the time Allah through the Holy Koran wants people to repent from their sins, Satan is blinding them with its wicked machination to commit sin through worldly gains.

Because of money you allegedly charge and task your prospective clients to bring human parts to make them rich, and if such practice is a normal key to prosperity as you know why don't you draw your own blood or your child, wife or a family member for the purpose and become rich overnight, the popular Mallam questioned.

Mallam Zack took the opportunity to admonish Mallams who encourage the get rich quick through human sacrifice and sakawa tendancies to refrain from their evil act , since apart from their behavior that have the negative impact to draw back the development of the country, they should also bear in mind that judgement day await them.

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