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If someone calls you a G.O.A.T., don't be offended; it's a compliment. See the slangy meaning of it

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GOAT (G.O.A.T) is one of the most famous slang terms of all time. What, I have no idea what a goat is? I certainly do! But am not talking about that GOAT in this piece; the one in the picture below.

While many people appreciate the satisfaction of mastering the English language, when we are in an informal setting, we tend to use slang.

The usage of acronyms as slang is on the rise, despite the fact that the concept of slang is not new. G.O.A.T is one of the most popular slangs in recent months.

The abbreviation G.O.A.T comes from the sport of boxing, where one of the boxers used this term as self-praise. The Urban Dictionary accepted this slang as a part of its dictionary in the year 2003. Although, people on social media now use the emoji of a goat (the animal) in reference to this abbreviation.

The slang G.O.A.T means Greatest Of All Time, I remember doing something for someone and all the person could say as a compliment was G.O.A.T. I got offended and furious at the same time till I later discovered the slangy meaning of that.

Don't be angry when someone calls you a goat especially as a compliment or way to say well done, that's the slangy meaning of it. But it depends on the situation and way the person says it that will determine the positivity or negatively of that.

What are your thoughts and say in this?

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