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Festivals in Ghana, how they are celebrated and why they are celebrated

A festival is a celebration geered towards the remembrance of past events. The event can happy or sad ones. Ghanaians celebrate so many festivals but the one we are going to look at today is hogbetsotso festival.

Hogbetsotso is a festival celebrated by the people of Anlo in the Volta region of Ghana. It is celebrated to remember how the people of Anlo fled from their wicked king of Notsie named Agorkoli in the republic of Benin to present day Ghana.

About a week before the festival, people clean the surroundings. On the first Saturday of November, the chiefs and people of Anloga meet at the durbar grounds. They exchange greetings and pay homage to the Awomefie (the paramount chief) The Awomefie is dressed in traditional clothes and carried in a palanquin. This is followed by drumming and dancing to the durbar grounds. Different cultural groups perform. The Awomefie graces the occasion to honour the people, promises are made to all to promote unity among themselves.

The idea for celebrating this festival is to mark their journey from their former home in Togo, to their present settlement in Ghana.

The festival is a happy time for the people, as this marks a time in their history or past pain and is a time for settling disputes and getting to know each other.

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