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What Does It Mean When A Lady Shows You This Gesture? Analyze the photo And Bring Your Answer

Ladies are incredible. They sometimes show gestures that can keep you thinking forever. Gestures are also form of language that are used for communication.

A lady can look at you and bite her lip. Sometimes too they fold their lips into a round shape whilst twisting their eyes in a certain way. I seem not to understand those gestures. I need some explanation from someone.

As in the photo below, she shows a gesture that I have been seeing among ladies for the past years now. But I don't really get it. What at all are hey trying to say with those gestures? This question awaits your answer at the comments section.

Infact ladies are wonderful. They are capable of doing anything that comes into their minds. They can use what they have perfectly to get what they want. And one of them is the gesture they normally use.

So, the gesture in this photo, what does it mean?

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