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6 Ways to Use Beach Elements for your success in life.

The beach can frequently be a supernatural and spiritual location. Consider this: the ocean's water crashing against the shore is a place where all four elements come together. The ground is warm and dry where you are standing. The sun beams down on you while the wind blows in from the coast. It's kind of like having a combo platter of all kinds of magical goodness waiting for you. Why not benefit from it?

Here are 6 ways you can benefit from the magic of the beach:

1. If you require immediate cash to address small issues, such as paying bills, tuition, rent, or other obligations. At the beach in the early morning, choose a coin and say all of your financial troubles on it. Then toss it into the water and watch for a complete turnaround in your financial situation.

2. Walk on the sand at sunrise to avoid the crowds and enjoy the fresh morning air. Bring home a small bottle or bag that you filled with sand while you were away and use it for spiritual activities that use all four elements. Apply the same principle to a bottle of seawater.

3. Collect seashells to take back home. Since a seashell is purely a protective, portable home for one lucky little crustacean, seashells are often associated with protection, especially of the home. Bring them home and place them around your property. You can also use them to make an amulet that will protect your pets or vehicles.

4. Do you want to eradicate a negative person from your life? Put the name of the person in the sand close to the water, then let the wave wash it away.

5. Nine is regarded as a sacred number in many mystical traditions. Write the item you want to get rid of on a stick, piece of driftwood, or in the sand, then gather it up in a handful. During the last wave of the nine-wave count, throw the wood into the water as far as you can, letting the wave take your problems far out to sea.

6. Collect broken beach glass, stray shark teeth, spiky coral, sharp shell broken pieces, and other debris that has washed up on the shore. Use the bottle to ward off psychic attack by filling it with sand and seawater.

Please pass this along to your loved ones. Send in your feedback as well.

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