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Brighten Up Your Day With These Funny Pictures

Sometimes, the best solution to your problems is laughter. Are you feeling stressed out and tired? Have you been through a situation where you feel very sad but something funny pops up and you laugh your heart out so sad as if you weren't the sad person before? If you've found yourself in such a situation, you'll understand why there a saying that "laughter is the best medicine". Are you having a bad day already? Don't worry that much because I am here to change your mood from bad to better by showing you some funny pictures.

Let's take a look at these funny pictures;


In the first picture, you can see two pictures. I don't think I even need to explain further because you can eventually conclude on what exactly makes it a funny picture. The picture on the left shows a lady in a green straight dress while the one one the right shows another person who is wearing plantain leaves designed as the straight dress in the picture on the left. Not only that, in the picture on the right, the person used a standing fan in replace of what was on the wall in the picture at the left side. 

2. The second picture is also very funny. In this second picture, we have two different pictures just like the first one. What makes the picture on the left side funny is that, it looks like the person in the picture wanted to have the same haircut as the one on the right side but got a different haircut all together. 


The third picture looks a bit scary but it's very true. It talks about how your clothes look like when you place them in the plastic chairs or sofa in the day but when it's at dawn or when there's no light and you look at them, you'll run our of the house if care is not taken. Until you turn on the lights, you might even be thinking you are seeing a ghost.

Hope you've had enough smiles on your face? Kindly share to inspire others as well.

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