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To Find Happiness, Take A Break And Let It Go

Looking around yourself, you will see a lot of people happy, but are they really happy or just pretending to be happy? Why do we need to find happiness around? Why can’t we just find it in ourselves?

Not only in this 21st century, but our ancestors too had everything a person needs. But were they really happy? They had property, food, luxury, family, everything but were still not satisfied. Some people find their happiness in little things, but some never.

 Some are happy just by getting plenty of food to eat, but some people are not satisfied even with 56 dishes on their plate.

We are so busy pretending things to others that we have forgotten ourselves. We are so busy faking smiles to others that we have forgotten our real happiness instead of wearing a mask according to the situation.

 We are so busy with our own stuff that we have forgotten our loved ones’ efforts for us.

If you take a break and look around, you will realise that not everyone cares, but some really do. They are putting effort in every possible way they can. Like your mother makes your favourite healthy food so that you are healthy as well as safe. 

Your father is working so that he can fulfil your expenses and wishes. Your elder brother/sister helps and protects you from most of the problems and takes care of you.

Take care as mother/father, teach lessons as a teacher, become friends whenever you need to share anything. Well, no doubt why elder siblings are most often called second parents. In return, all they crave is little effort or appreciation which ultimately brings a smile to their face.

We have often heard, “everything happens for a reason”. Yes, it always happens for your good. Until and unless they leave you, I don’t think you could have met your Mr/Mrs Perfect. Until and unless you have faced failure, you won’t understand the importance of achievement.

 Until and unless you have been rejected, you won’t understand your highest capabilities.

It’s really necessary to see the downfall so that you rise like a moon when in darkness. When your quietness is underestimated, your voice echoes in the world like a nightingale.

In our day to day life, we go through a lot — a lot of unhappiness, frustration, heartbreak, anxiety, sadness, workload, pressure and whatnot. Not only from the boss, colleagues, friends, family, loved ones but also from one’s own expectations.

Let’s just take a break and let it go. Instead of blaming others for faults, just smile and let it go. Instead of getting depressed over uncontrollable things, just smile and let it go. Instead of being sad over the things that happened, just be happy and let it go. Instead of ignoring the situation, just face it, solve it or let it go.

Let’s just take a break — a break from the unhappiness around, from the grudges over people, from the dissatisfaction, from the insecurities.

Don’t be sad because you lost it, be happy because at least you tried your best. So let it go; something beautiful is trying to grow in its place.

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To Find Happiness


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