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B/R: Parks And Gardens Turned Into Main Lorry Station In Bono

The site for parks and gardens in Dormaa Ahenkro in the Bono Region of Ghana has been cleared off for the construction of Dormaa Ahenkro main lorry station.

Before the Municipal Assembly and the Government could decide turning the site into Dormaa Ahenkro main lorry station, the place was an outdoor area containing more types of plants with plants grown for food and ornamental purposes.

It somehow provided shade for people to stay under for other significant purposes until recently when the site started depleting and breeding some hideouts who were alleged thieves and drug addicts.

The site therefore lost focused and purpose by turning the place into wastes dumps and human defecation zone.

Some people were also found rearing animals like pigs and later turned the site into worship centre by some churches.

The usefulness of the parks and gardens were losing greatly and the municipal assembly could not control for many years though the various plant species were still flourishing and breeding.

According to the report reaching the media, it was a plan of the assembly during 2016 political campaign of NPP to relocate the Dormaa Ahenkro main lorry station if they come on power to comfort the driving and passenger bodies because where the current main lorry station is located is not conducive for it activities.

Again, the main lorry station is owned by an individual with land size that is not too large to contain capacity of vehicles and travellers to serve the purpose as Dormaa Ahenkro main lorry station.

Indeed, revenue collection is another reason the assembly collapsed the parks and gardens to construct the main lorry station because the parks and gardens were not giving any revenue to the assembly and using that site for main lorry station, revenue collection will be very simple for the Dormaa Municipal Assembly. 

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