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Wake N Bake: Twitter's New Trend

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The whole of Twitter is in ectasy over hastags of "Wake N bake". "Wake N bake" has become the most trending topic on Twitter. Amazingly, celebrities and commoners as such have joined this lastest trend on Twitter. But before we come to that, what at all is "Wake N bake". And what makes it so special.

What is "Wake N bake"

To wake and bake refers to the act of immediately smoke weed or marijuana after waking up. Yeah , immediately after waking up. There are various ways of doing this, these include taking it with a joint, bong, bowl or any other method used to consume marijuana.

It is one of the major lifestyle or morning ritual of many, who are chronic smokers. They like to smoke first thing in the morning before any thing else. Usually, "Wake N bake" can be done in a group with friends and family or individually as a morning ritual.

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Are there any benefits associated with "Wake N bake"?

The answer is "Yes", there are. It is very effective in fighting depression and anxiety. Hence, it is a very beneficial supplement for people suffering from these ailments. Also, it helps in the prevention of mood swings in people prone to them. As a result, it creates mindfulness.

Are there any side effects of "Wake N bake"

 Yeah,there are , as the saying goes "everything that has an advantage equally as a disadvantage. Among the cons of Wake N bake are that, it is a very expensive habit to keep. Also, it might become difficult to become high later on and one might need to nap in order to become active, just to mention a few.

Twitter hastags

Surprisingly, Twitter users joined in this "wild N bake" trend. With "Wild N out hashtags" all over the place, This was how Twitter users reacted:


What are your thoughts on this new Twitter trend ?

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New Trend Wake N Bake


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