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Laugh before you reach work.

Do I need a smile this morning?

Answer: Yes.

Smiling, especially that one you get from laughter, is very significant.

It serves others who approach you with a welcoming tone, thus increasing your image in society.

Hi there, its David here, and you're welcome to Technicity. With today being a working day, stress is likely to hit any of us. But before it does, I think it's a good idea to put up some smiles while that is yet to happen. Anyway I have gathered some stuffs for you and me to look at before we get to work. These are funny quotes. I am going to stay with you at every section. And that is just to make sure you smile before you leave. And yes, I didn't mean to spoil the show there. Feel free to scroll down now. Enjoy.

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I'm ready to laugh, let's get started.

So a lady asked a question.

Question: My husband accidentally drank Paracetamol. What should I do?

Answer: Go ahead and give him a head-ache.

A man walked to the bar attendant.

Man: I won't pay the bill the bills.

Attendant: Why not? You ordered 42 coffees.

Man: I said 4 tea, 2 coffees.

Two friends went out for a walk.

Friend one: Hey, where do dads keep their jokes?

Friend two: Where?

Friend one: Database.

At the construction site.

Boss: Where is Joe?

Worker: He is at the hospital.

Boss: Why is that? I saw him dancing with a lady last night.

Worker: Yes Boss, the thing is, his wife saw him too.

Another joke from the society.

Question: What do random access memories call their Aunts?

Answer: Remount.

A Doctor told his patient to get ready pressure.

Doctor: You know, your sister is way younger than you. But the lives in her own house.

Nurse: Doctor his pressure has suddenly risen.

Patient: This is the last time I come into this hospital.

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This article was written by Technicity for the Opera News on Monday, 27th September, 2021.

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