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Check Out How This Animal Gives Warning And Teaches You What Is Going To Happen In The Near Future.

Rev Kwesi Amagyei, disclosed intensively on how some Animals on this Earth has some special abilities that can make every human being successful and also give a warning to everyone a bad thing is about to happen when seen just with the eyes.

This Animal he focused and talked a lot about is a peacock. He said a peacock is a very special animal with a lot of special abilities. When you see a peacock in your dream it signifies good luck, which means, you are going to receive a good news whether in your marriage, work, or any other thing that is going to make you happy.

Some also are when you see this Animal this means you are going to find help soon in your life.

Some warnings this Animal gives to people who see it also are, when you dream and you seem to be eating it's meat, it means you are about to get sick in your blood so be very prayerful to avoid it .

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Kwesi Amagyei


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