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Mistakes young people do that affect them their entire life.

Everybody make mistakes whether young or old. We all one way or the other do things that leave scares on our lives. But one thing I know for sure is there are some mistakes that leads into greatness. Such mistakes can be related to scientific discoveries that were made out of mistakes: It happens at times but rarely. In this write up I will be focusing more on some common mistakes that young people do that for me I think may cause them dearly.

To start with mistakes are part of mankind but what you do after that mistake is very important. Should I say young people commit such mistakes out of ignorance?, Well it can be so. The first mistake I have observed is how extravagant some young people are. Sometimes I get worried when I see young people spending their money on things that are not needful at their age. Most of these young people out of peer pressure buy stuffs that are not needed. It's not bad to look good or to have a fancy phone or to buy a car but the question is do I need it now.

How well have you saved for the future. How do you plan on sustaining all these things you are so passionate about getting. These are some questions you need to be asking yourself. Don't make mistakes you will later regret.

Secondly, they get into unhealthy relationship. It is a normal phenomenon for young people to be attracted to the opposite sex. Moreover, it is during this time that they try getting life partners. Indeed you do need a life partner but you must be very cautions and careful on how you choose, relate and go about your relationship during this period. It's is without fact that it is during your young age that you do enjoy relationship better but you should do that with caution.

Lastly they always forget to invest for the future. Investment in this aspect is not only saving money but investing in yourself as an individual. Go to school, get a good degree and better your life. These are some mistakes young people always make. I know with the little I have elaborated on we will all learn from it and try not to commit those mistakes too.

Thanks for ready and kindly share to help a lost friend.

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