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In The Life I Lived.


Life is without pattern, steps or rules, it is just a free world where you live how you please but Good name they say is always better than riches. Some of us also live by standards of the societies in which we find ourselves, others also think outside the box and not only live by societal standards but also open up to other ways of life while guarding our beliefs with our conscience, some follow the ways of some individuals whose lives they deem satisfying and totally become other people. In a case where someone is living based on experiences, factors like the emotions they feel, the work they do, situations they find themselves in, what they see, hear or indulge in, their behavioral pattern is largely affected.

I have not seen, heard or experienced it all but I figured a little for man of education from my perspective to people especially the youth is okay and worth the try. I might not shed light on every little thing but of what use will one be if we lived our lives based on someone else’s? This is why I intend to write. This is not a guide but I believe it can help most people maneuver their ways through some challenges in life. Hopefully, it benefits the reader and his or her associates.

Failures, Mistakes and Regrets.


I began asking myself some questions one morning, among those questions was “have I ever failed in my teen age?” Honestly, I cannot even tell. Why did I even ask this question? I felt like after age 19 a lot of things have been taking other turns in my life and I feel the pain not to talk of the regrets. I continued pondering over why I never felt that way as a teen. Most people will say it was because I did not have anything to do aside going to school, doing assignments, eating, sleeping and that I was dependent on my family for any need hence nothing to plan or worry about. Truth be told, all these were never the reasons and come to think of it, most people in Ghana are are trained or raised to live with their pain no matter what but it was never like that for me regardless of the training. I always did find ways to let go of any pain. One thing I did realize was that I never failed but I did make mistakes.

Planning and falling short of it is not failure. I mean we are making decisions so it is always a matter of chances. What I realized that faithful morning was that, all I did was live in the moment and not worry about what I had no idea of(or probably no power over). Initially I thought it was contentment but it was not, making the most of what I had in those moments was painless and free of any regrets even though I made mistakes - some I reminisce and laugh out loud, others I would not love to live through again, remember or talk about. Yes, we all do have chapters in our lives we would not love to read out loud or talk about and if in any way we decide to do so, we are not totally honest with ourselves or the listener and that is okay. Some pits are just too deep and therefore takes lots of efforts, time blood, strength and maybe some tears to cover them up and finally move on away from them. Thus, going back to open them up will just a lot to handle.

Sometime after high school I realized every decision I made was dependent on something else, either in the next five minutes, hours, days, months maybe years which I can only anticipate or imagine. It began to feel like a sand castle I was building with the foundation being the first ever decision I made which by imagination will have the others follow orderly. Now I see lots of people planning their futures, making decisions this same way, so the moment the foundation which the initial decision or step they take goes sideways everything else comes crushing down hence failure. Then you begin to feel like you have failed at life and that nothing else will ever work out, you are just in the middle of a thick forest looking for a path that is probably nonexistent. Most people give up while others make their own paths to life again. If these people follow this same procedure, they might end up right where they started (Used the word ‘might’ because some people may find helpers along the line to shine their light on their paths for them to follow). But if they do not meet such people, they end up giving up on their lives.

The problem with such people is that they are always in a hurry to get out of cases like these. I mean there is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting or trying to get out of a bad situation but being in a hurry to do so is problematic. Sometimes the necessary lessons are found in those moments, let’s learn to sit in the uncomfortable and not try to run from them. It took me almost forever to learn that sitting in the uncomfortable and analyzing critically from several perspectives is the best way to finding what the next step actually is. It is painful, uncomfortable, intimidating even embarrassing but is it worth it? Yes of course! It makes you take baby steps once at a time, note and correct your flaws. It does not make you perfect but it rather makes you good and strong enough for what the next stage of your life might be.

Failures come as a result of the breakdown of an entire life plan. Planning is great, having aspirations and dreams is awesome and necessary to guide your steps and choices . This is where you want to be, who you want to become, what you want to acquire in a certain number of years from now. It is motivating and inspiring, while that will be the drive and the entire focus, it is something you will have to work hard towards. Humble beginnings, small wind turning into great deals, not to forget a life well lived. There is no marking scheme for that (a life well lived) but you will be able to tell if the life you are living is a well lived one and the moment you begin seeing the good in yourself, the rest of the world will not need to be told. The amount of work that will go into grooming yourself is immeasurable and might take time, lots of lessons, tough situations, experiences, the mistake and not forgetting the shortcomings. You will have to be present and attentive in your own life to take not of what is happening and make sure choices that has to be made while keeping your eyes and focus on what is at stake- a better life some day to come.


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