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The Strangest Things Ghanaians Are Known For By The Rest Of The World

Ghana is known by other countries for a lot of things. Ghana is the first country in Sub-Saharan Africa to gain independence. Ghana again is the originator of the famous Kente cloth. All of these bring good name and great thoughts towards the country.

However there are some strange things Ghanaians are known for. One of these is the use of fancy coffins to bury the dead. Most people especially of the Akan origin, usually design coffins by what the deceased was known for. Cocoa for cocoa farmers, microphone for musicians, pen for teachers, bible for a pastor, car design for drivers and so on.

Most Ghanaians do take funeral and burials very serious and that is what drives them to make coffins in such a manner. They give much respect to the dead, irrespective of the kind of person he or she was. This act is said to be very peculiar to Ghanaians and no other place.


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