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Simple And Modern Floor Bed Laying Ideas That Will Make Your Small Room Look Like A Mini Heaven

Starting life as a graduate can be quite stressful, same thing applies to moving out of your home to rent elsewhere as a student. The comfort of your home is no more guaranteed as you have to live a life different from your regular home life. Moving into a new home as a student requires a little effort, as some arrangements in the new home needs to be done. Usually in Ghana, students rent single rooms, which sometimes comes with a porch and a toilet facility.

The porch is usually transformed into a mini kitchen, and the room itself used as bedroom, study room and storage room. Students normally carry a few items to these rented apartments, but the arrangements can get tricky and you might end up struggling for space in your room. It is advisable to get yourself a small drawer or shelf for books storage, a hanger for clothes and a small desk with a sit for studies. With these things sorted, your bed's positioning is the only thing left.

Due to the fact that most students use only mattresses, it has to be laid on the floor. Laying the mattress on the floor should not be just throwing it into any part of the room and jumping into it for sleep. It should be done in a way that can give you part of the comfort you experience at home. These amazing floor bed laying ideas should make your room look modern and simple, yet very comfortable. Disclaimer: these photos are ideas belonging to different sources.

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