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Why Am I Here On This Earth?

As humans,we are peculiarly susceptible to utter awful aphorisms ,especially in our doleful dumps.You hear many people iterate and reiterate this words " Its My Life And I Get To Choose What I Want To Do With It". You can relate right? .Well you have the right to voice out your opinion but have you sat down to really ask yourself WHY YOU WERE GIVEN THAT LIFE TO BE ON THIS EARTH?

I strongly believe every Tom,Dick and Harry in the world was born into this earth for a Purpose.To Solve a specific problem.And it is your responsibility to find that purpose and start living it.Until you discover that purpose,then you start living a life full of fulfillment .

Think about it this way.Anytime you decide to live a life your own way as you always say ,you deprive many people the opportunity to make it in life and also fulfill purpose.Why ,because the success of many people are enshrined in your success(purpose). So until you make it these people will continue to live an average live full of reproach and retrogression.

Listen,your purpose is your compass.

It guides you through storms and chaos.

It keeps you steady and focused in a world hell bent on meaningless distractions.

Without purpose life becomes meaningless.It easily leads you to a mindset of depression,anxiety and stress.

FACT : The average person lives for just 28,251 days ,so instead of wasting your life why not ask yourself these questions?

How Do I Find This Purpose ?

What Problem Was I Created To Solve ?

What Problem Am I Highly Motivated To Solve?

What Is My Assignment On This Earth?

Why Did The Creator Make Me?....The List Goes On.....


I have many people asking me this question any time I talk about purpose.And the truth of the matter is that ,one can only discover purpose by first looking withing yourself and asking important questions.


What Do You Like Doing Most ?

What Are You Passionate About ?

What Job or Business Will You Still Do Even If You Are Not Paid ?

What Do You Aspire To Do That Can Give You A sense Of Fulfillment ?

Answers to some of these questions are tied and linked to your Purpose.Discover and Live That Fulfilling Life You Have Always Dreamed of .

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