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Meet the man who modified his body to look like a beast

It's a beautiful brand new day, why don't we stroll around the world to find out what's really going on? This article has our compass directing us to the Frenchman who modified his body to look like a beast. Let us see what happened

Anthony Loffredo is a French who removed his nose and upper lip just to look like a beast. He has had a health problem after this weird modification and tattoos.

Loffredo admitted his health problem after a long period during which he underwent many operations aimed at obtaining the frightening body he wants but he is now struggling to speak after removing his nose and upper lip in his latest shocking transformation.

The British "Mirror" newspaper reported that Anthony Loffredo had covered his entire body with tattoos including his eyeballs as he divided his tongue.

The French man, who documented the physical changes he made to his 227,000 followers on Instagram said he had his nose removed in Spain because this procedure is illegal in France because unlike piercings and tattoos, body modifications that lead to injury are illegal in many European countries

The report of the British newspaper stated that the French youth did not specify exactly where and when he removed his nose and upper lip when talking about the procedures in a direct question and answer session on Instagram.

According to the report, the young Frenchman admitted in the latest questions and answers on Instagram that he has been struggling to speak since his upper lip was removed but this does not seem to have diminished his enthusiasm for body modification.

He said that he had dreamed of removing his skin completely and replacing it with metal and mentioned his arms, legs and fingers besides the back of his head as other parts of his body he wants to amend.

In 2017, he had an interview with the French newspaper "Medi Libre" and he disclosed that he was passionate about mutations and transformations in the human body since his childhood and when he was working as a security guard in his twenties, he realized that was not the way he wanted to live his life.

He then traveled to Australia at the age of 24 and made it clear that he liked getting into his sense of being a scary character.

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