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Release Your Stress With These One Time Jokes And Hilarious Pictures.

Here is a simplified model. When you are born, your mother is your whole world.

Your whole world. Her emotional availability, her smile, her relationship with your father, her attention to your needs, that’s your whole world.

When you become just a little bigger, your home becomes your whole world. The relationship with your mother, father, siblings, and other relatives. Your home becomes your whole world.

You see where this is going. Your relationships with your parents, your home, and your early experiences in life become the basic model on which you interpret how the world looks like. Your map. Your subjective reality. Your happiness potential.

If your parents were not happy if your home was not a happy environment, how could you be a really happy person?

Now here are the two tricks.

You have to see your parents as perfect when you are little, so you feel secure. Because only perfect parents can protect you. Consequently, you project their faults on yourself.

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